Proclaiming and Healing 

For Fall Break, I lead a time to Columbia, SC to aid in disaster releif from the recent flooding caused by the record rainfall the city received last week. We were able to pray for and help a breast cancer survivor salvage her home by clearing it off all debris and damage down to its base frame.

We were also able to serve at Palmetto Health Hospital as they cut off their water system to flush it from the flood contamination. We worked hard to keep the hospital up and running by delivering bottled water, bed pans, gloves and more!   As an answered prayer, we were also able to get out on the University of South Carolina campus for an entire day of sharing the gospel with students, faculty, staff and anyone else we ran into. Classes were cancelled, but people were out and about. We were able to speak with over 60 people and pray for over 40. We shared the gospel with close to 30 of those, saw 1 person pray to trust in Christ, were able to train 6 to share their faith and connected three people with the local campus ministry!


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