Breaking Through Barriers


This new Spring semester has truly been a semester of breakthroughs!

I have been able to take on a more active role at our weekly table setup in the student center on campus. During this time, we serve as a Christian presence in the student center. Students are able to come to us with any questions they have about a relationship with God. We engage with students and are able to share our testimonies and the gospel with them! (Pictured above and below)

 Over the break, Jerry the Chinese masters student that Paxton and I had been meeting with since last semester, prayed to receive Christ as his savior and LORD! Jerry is continuing to meet and learn to grow as a new disciple of Christ. Please pray that he follows Jesus’ example by taking the step of baptism soon! (Pictured below is an illustration from a study with Jerry about the signs of a healthy church and healthy believer in the church, highlighted are the areas that he understands God wants to work on in his life.)

God has also been allowing me to see second and third generational growth through the guys I am working with. This just means that the guys that God has allowed me to reach are reaching guys who are also starting to reach out to others! I have been able to go witnessing with Connor and Sam in their respective dorms and we have began to see God work in mighty ways! Within the first week of sharing in Connor’s dorm, we were able to see a sophomore named Chris pray to give Jesus all authority in his life. Chris and I are currently working through scripture to help him grow. Sam and I have been able to truly make the LORD’s name known on his dorm floor. We have been able to pray for and share with over 15 guys! We are now weekly meeting back with those that are interested in going deeper into scripture.

Please pray for Bijan, Harvey, Ali, Jerry, Chris and Garret!


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