2015 Annual Report

The year began with an entire semester of travel around the United States with Tom Short Campus Ministries, an apologetics ministry based in Columbus, OH. This was my second tour with the ministry and once again God used it to impact over 15 campuses across the country from Ohio to California, from Arizona to Texas and even from Florida to our nation’s capital in Washington, DC. God personally used me to share the gospel with Hindus, Mormons, Buddhists, Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, nominal Christians, nihilists and a plethora of others from different beliefs and perspectives. Our team helped individuals make the decision to become believers or followers of The Way, but most importantly we interacted with and engaged thousands of students that were wrestling with the validity of the gospel in a time where apathy runs rampant.
Upon returning from these travels, I worked as a lead helping with a church plant in Orlando, FL on the campus of UCF and its surrounding community. God allowed me to see young men pray to trust in Jesus, take the step of obedience through baptism and start to share their faith with others. Shortly after they begin to grow in the Word, they began helping others to do the same. These guys now make up part of the new foundation of that church plant.
Once I arrived back in Raleigh, NC for the start of a new semester at NC. State, God immediately began to use the apologetics and church-planting experiences that I gained over the past year. As I was faithful to sow the gospel with students/faculty/staff and visitors on campus, fruit began to manifest. On four different occasions in a span of eight days I was able to lead a student to a prayer of repentance and trust in Christ. I also had the privilege of baptizing two of these young men and a long time attendee of our church that all desired to follow Jesus’ example. 

 Reflecting on this past year of ministry, God has given much to be thankful for and much to learn from. The more my ministry entrust to Him, the more He blesses it with.


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